Decorating with artificial flowers to improve home

1)    Advantages of artificial of flowers

–        You can decorate your house with artificial flowers . Using the porcelain vases with large, high neck, you can pick the large flowers as tuilip, sunflowers and place them in the indoor walkways, entrances to create a feeling of comfort, intimacy with nature.

–        Decorating your home living space with attractively colorful flowers is not new. However, we are very afraid to buy flowers to decorate the house frequently because it takes times to care for and trim. Moreover, although we regularly buy flowers, they fade quickly and cost expensively.

–        Therefore, the solution to the above problems is that we choose flowers for living spaces are the most reasonable. Nowadays with technology and high technique, artificial flowers made of cloth or rubber will give us the flowers with colors and materials look like real. Unless carefully observed or touching, it is very difficult to distinguish between artificial flowers or real flowers. Continue reading “Decorating with artificial flowers to improve home”

The steps before constructing or repairing to improve home

  1. Get together members of family:

Before constructing, it had better discuss and consult with others in the family to agree to make a joint decision of a new image on the new living space. The issues concerned include: What should be repaired home? How to meet the needs and purposes of the members of the family, we need to keep balance is to make surw that future house will bring joy and happiness as well as the utility of space for all members..

Uniforming the ideas also contributes to minimize working time with designing department and contractors in the future, prevent it from obstruction and innovation in accordance with the ideas of members in the family.

  1. Determine clearly the need of construction

This is one of aspect people should focus on much more. The demand of each family at this time is different from that in other time. For example, the initial need is to upgrade existing living space for housing because it is in a bad condition but then it raises other demands for a quiet space in view of needs of retiring, recreating; or housing to improve and extend the living space to the members and constructing to welcome the new members Continue reading “The steps before constructing or repairing to improve home”

Placing mirrors in the bedroom according to Feng Shui properly

Mirror is an important tool in Feng Shui. Apart bagua mirror is used to protect owner’s new house against evil spirits, normal mirror also has a certain influence to the feng shui of the house. Especially the position of mirror in the bedroom is quite significant, which may cause good or bad effect to the relationship between wife and husband.

  1. A mirror in the bedroom properly
  • The importance when placing a mirror in the bedroom is not the opposite, reflecting the couple’s bed. Simply, Mirrors is Kim. Therefore the installation of mirrors have the greatest impact to the conjugal relationship. If Mirror in the bed room is reflective the bed of the owner, especially there is a mirror in the headboard, this will represent couple hiccups, discord, even the appearance of a third person.
  • Mirrors often represents the increase a husband spirit or wife spirit. If one of them increase, it may cause the unfavorable problem for marriage.
  • Therefore, whether the couple needed Kim or not, placing mirror at right headboard or direct reflection of their bed is extremely dangerous. If the room has a vanity, the best way is to rotate the mirror in the corner hiden from view or the other direction, not shine in bed.
  • If it is unable to move the mirror or vanity because of space conditions, people can use a curtain to cover the mirror. The user can pull up and then cover again. With a dressing table, medium curtain coating the mirror can be very beautifully decorative objects, suitable for Feng S In additon, covering a curtain on the mirror will make other people feel fully seen to, modest and a little mystery to the owner of the vanity.
  • If a wardrobe in the bedroom is combined with the mirro, it should be the most suitable to place at the back door of the cabinet. It is not exposed, not reflected in the master bed . When the owner needs it, he or she can open cabinets, and then close it after completing. This is a Safety in terms of Feng Shui.

Continue reading “Placing mirrors in the bedroom according to Feng Shui properly”

How to decorate home with plants

1)    How to decorate home spetacularly with plants

–        Each kind of plant will appear eeith its own pose and style. For example there are various features of plant such as pretty adorable, primitively original, liberally enthusiastic, simple and elegant. Therefore, when choosing plants, people should consider both the owner’s interests and the stuff of plants to decide if it is suitable for the style of the house or not. If not, the plants will be irrelevant to housewares and cause negative effects.

–        For instance, On the one hand, palm tree suits with extreme countryside breath. Moreover, small leaves and stems drooping make people feel like being in the garden, in collaboration with soft cotton fabric cloth creating warm feelings. On the other hand, plants with delicate features such as yucca, are suitable for modern style and irreducible style. Continue reading “How to decorate home with plants”

How to hang Embroidery indoors

  1. Utilizing the paintings, decor statue indoors has many advantages.

Meanwhile, owners and visitors can enjoy the visional beauty of decor. Children, therefore also approach to art early. If people put painting in the rigth place, this can improve architectural weaknesses, the dead angles of the house. If they are taken care of synchronicly, this will help blend vivid colors for the interior, bring their own personalities.

– You change the location flexibly, a gallery of seasonal, themed paintings,… help renew living space, and avoid boredom.

People need to consider three important factors when choosing decorative paintings: size, theme and material. The size (large or small, single or in kit), depending on the space of hanging paintings, statues. Themes (portrait, landscape, still life, living, birds, fish, flowers …) must conform to the living room decorated (bedroom, kitchen and entertainment room) … Material (hand embroidery, oil painting, arcrylic, lacquer, paintings on paper … statuary, copper, polymers …) to consider if the area is indoor or atriums, garden. .. Continue reading “How to hang Embroidery indoors”