Consideration About The Best Bluetooth Headphones In 2016

With the emergence and growing popularity of devices supporting Bluetooth connectivity such as smart watches of Apple, Sony, LG and Samsung. And due to the characteristics of these devices, which do not support slot for wired headphone, therefore the wireless studio headphone should be an indispensable accessory for anyone who owns these devices.

Just simply visit the website, you are able to make a wise choice among these brand all over the world.

LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth Headphone (HBS-900)

Infinim is the latest product in 2015 in the series of Bluetooth headphone LG Tone success with over 5 million products sold. These headphones are judged to have suitable sound quality for those who are really fancy on music (audiophiles) and want to experience wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth Headphone LG Tone Infinim is designed as a necklace, when wearing, the users will feel very comfortable and lightweight. Earpieces can beconnected by thin wire loop, which has pulled withdrawal, when not in use, you press to able to be drawn to drive earpieces.

The volume control buttons and receive calls have the suitable locations for the user to easily adjust the volume and change the songs. Also, the Infinim has additional features such as vibratation when having a call or when you move away from the connected device.

Besides, the Infinim sound is pretty good; the strip represents balance. Long battery life can be up to 14 hours, therefore, Infinim ensures you comfortably listening for days without recharging.

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

This is the latest headphone of Sol Republic brand. Also, with a similar design, but unlike Lg Infinim, Shadow Wireless bracelet is softer and can be bended. This design feels quite comfortable and fits for the user. The Shadow also has the good sound quality.

However, this headphone is not actually for sports as earbuds tip does not really fit and good grip. Battery life is just only a half compared to LG Infinim. Taken together, they sound okay at the good price.

JayBird Gear X BlueBuds

JayBird Gear BlueBuds X is one of the popular sports headphone today for the design of soft, good sounds, resistant to sweat, with the control buttons located on the cord and mic to talk. The Padding on the ear has added a wing made of soft silicone to match the outer ear earbuds and ensure not to fall out when you play sports.

Jabra MOVE Wireless Headphone

MOVE Wireless has excellent sound quality for the affordable price. The buttons on the earcups has a simple design for user-handed, on-ear design also provides the comfort to the user. MOVE Wireless has a simple design but quite durable, and you will not have to worry about the red marks on the ear because the ear ridge will be squeezed in a few hours of being worn as other kinds of headphones.

However, due to the on-ear design, the possibility of MOVE Wireless soundproofing is not good, and people around will hear the sound coming from the headphones and of course, when you wear, you still hear ambient noise .

Sennheiser RS ​​170

Sennheiser RS ​​170 has very good sound insulation and sound too. Earcups design makes the user hardly hear people talking around them. The details of the RS 170 sounds are obvious, although the design of the earcups is closed, it still remains the airy soundstage, and bass is silent and deep.

RS170 wireless headphones are designed for use at home to connect to other audio playback devices such as play station, TV, or amplifiers. And this product will be for those who want to enjoy the experience of “sound theater” at home without bothering to other members in the house.

Turbine T2 Bluedio

Being cheap wireless headphone, but talking about the sound quality, the T2 is much more valuable to ensure its cost. With a diameter of 47cm-driver speakers, we can say that T2 has flexible sound, with the ability to catch the bottom and push the bass up in the way of plump and strong.

Built-in battery earcups are longer than 40 hours, if used continuously, you just charge T2 once a week. In addition, the earcups can be dial 195, so you can easily adjust to increase feelings fitting to wear and make sure the sound insulation of the headphone.