Discover The Most Special Features Of The Color fly C10 Record Player

Color fly C10 is the successor of the legendary record player Color fly C4 which had made breakthrough a few years ago in the world of audio players. In order to gain more and more knowledge about record players for sale in general as well as the Color fly C10 record player in particularly, should all of you take notice of the following post. .


The first impression is that the Color fly C10 is designed with the more compact version than the Color fly C4. It is reviewed that this machine still owns the front metal material with the wood dorsal side. However, instead of being structured with the copper luxurious antique silver as the C4 record player, the Color fly C10  then is again combined with wooden backs, which does not seem to fit it well.

Color fly C10’s design reminds us of a tape recorder named Akai in the 60s of last century. This product line is produced with the smaller size than the C4 Color fly both in thickness, width or length.

The Logo

Color fly logo is engraved on the back of the wood, and looked beautiful. Dorsal surface is made of rosewood (rosewood) which will be brighter for a long time in use. These products made from wood are no need to hit for the smooth surface.

Each buttons are processed with the sophisticated CNC techniques. Shell quality of C10 Color fly has nothing to blame. It owns the better sharpness which is similar to C4 Color fly.

The Headphone System

While Color fly C4 has the two standards headphone out signal and coaxial outputs, ColorflyC10 owns the 3.5mm headphone out port 1 and 1 line out port for outputting amplifiers. This is a nice change for many people who necessarily need to use the separated amplifiers. Wooden back shell looks not suitable much with silver aluminum front panel

C4 is one of the music record players whose interface for users is quite confusing. This feature has been improved a bit on the C10 record player but it still only allows only browsing music by folder. With such an expensive record player, this is the limited point as majority of modern record players today are capable of browsing your music by tag easily.

The Disadvantages Of The C10 Color Fly Record Player

Overall, the look of the C10 record player is not comparable with the same level models from other manufacturers such as iBasso, as well as Fiio. Maybe C10 record player is suitable for those people who are a little nostalgic, always prefers the old ones. In addition, the C10 takes the slow response, which is only starts after several seconds of pressing, a feeling very familiar to anyone who has ever used C4.

The most weaknesses Color fly C4 is that the part for raising the volume is designed in the form of drag, which does not need to lock. C10 product line has still refused to correct this major weakness in the design process. Imagine if you’re wearing one earpiece in-ear or in-ear custom earphones, when inserting into the pocket music player that makes the lever accidentally rip up, it sounds very harmful to the ear by sound loud.


C10’s accessories include 1 pouch, 1 charger and 1 micro USB foot charging cord. Holster is completely structured with very good quality, as well as beautifully.

In addition, in terms of features, the C10 record player does not have features such as DAC for PC, read music through OTG connectivity. Overall C10 1 merely as a normal player does not feature much.

The part inside the C10 device is made from Cirrus Logic DAC cs4398 chip which greatly supports to decode 32 bit/ 192kHz, supports for many forming version from lossy to lossless formats including CUE, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, and AAC, especially support decoding of the best music formats and DSD128 DSD64. C10 Color fly‘s memory is about 32GB, which assists the wide expansion via memory card slot up to 64GB.

Sound Quality

Color fly has always been known for qualified products with sound rustic, easily listening, feeling more natural musicality without running the trend for showing the current techniques like most of today’s players. Products from C3 or CK4 Color fly, especially C4 Color fly is always be highly appreciated in price range. Is C10 has been successfully sound like his predecessors?