Electrostatic Paint Sprayer –The Best Solutions For Industry

For all engineer, some people who usually paint houses. They need to have a good product that help them implement this work.

Many people meet difficulties in painting house because it is a difficult work. So there is a product that help them do this work effectively, it is paint sprayer. But how to choose a good paint sprayer to make sure for engineer can implement well, you can consider by reading hvlp paint sprayer reviews in some article and then choose the best paint sprayer effectively.

On the market now there are many kind of paint sprayer with different characteristics. Each kind of machine has good function so you can consider choosing it. For some house that is harmony with the color of wall or furniture, besides choosing suitable color for wall, you also need to have good paint sprayer and then this work seem to be exciting painting job.

All the part in your house need to have good color with the technique of painting gently. From interior wall to ceiling, they make your house more and more nicely and even they can protect you from insects.

It is the time we need to have paint sprayer. But on the market with different model and size, so the selecting product is suitable to your purposes become difficultly. If not choosing well, the effectiveness decreases. If you must paint with large space, you can the brand of Graco’ s Magnum. This paint sprayer can help you paint fast and thoroughly.  Being made from aluminum, although it is a little hart, it run well and can help you paint with large space with high speed.

Powder coating technology is modern technology was invented by Dr. Erwin Gemmer in the early 1950s through much improved by the scientists, the manufacturing of spray equipment helped electrostatic coating technology is increasingly full of quality and design …

The water electrostatic paint (solvent): Application to painted metal products, plastic timber, …

Each technology has different advantages: For electrostatic coating technologies are capable of being painted on a variety of materials over. With the paint dry coating technology is the metal material.

Mechanism Of Action Of Electrostatic Spray Equipment

Lines electrostatic spray equipment includes devices are spray and automatic controller. The principle of operation of the paint and powder coating electrified gas bearing ion (-), animals need to cool paint carries the ions (+).

Thanks 2 the thrust force of pneumatic and gravity of the opposite ion should paint adhesive molecules on the surface of the painting is painted. Coatings are not only for our technology advantages economically but also environmentally friendly.

Application of electrostatic spray coating technology in the automotive assembly line

The Advantages Of Electrostatic Spraying Technologies:

Economy: Seeds spray paint from spray gun powder coating in the form of fog, along with electrostatic attraction adhesion generate high performance, for the most perfect paint surfaces with paint 1 volume to 45% savings compared with the pneumatic spray equipment normally. On the other hand, due to electrostatic attraction of paint adhesion to painted objects high, shorten work time. This increases employee productivity, reduce labor costs, improve the competitiveness of the product …

About Quality

Long life, good gloss, increased tolerance to chemical corrosion by or affected by chemical agents or weather. Various colors and high precision … there are many other advantages that the users in the process of applying electrostatic paint will notice, and electrostatic spray coating technology will be the solution to the industry of Vietnam in the coming time.

How To Maintain Paint Sprayer

You always keep paint sprayer clean and not put painting on sprayer. After doing, you should clean it. If it is dirty, it can control continuously high electricity.

Cleaning the gun by solvent combined with soft brushes and chestnut mop, do not soak the gun in solvent or water because if water penetrates into the solvent will cause damage some rubber rings. While sanitation gun or guns hanging on prices should aim the gun down to avoid infiltration of paint and solvents into reverse.

Note that while using or cleaning spray equipment to be cautious, avoid falls or bumps causing gun shell rupture or breakage conductivity.