The Best Experience Choose To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner

Choose to buy a vacuum cleaner you need to pay attention to a lot of factors such as price, intended use, features … so you can choose the best one for your machine. Here are a few suggestions to help you feel more confident in the choice of buying a vacuum cleaner.

Select a machine with low power capacity and high-power vacuum. From this article, you will know how to choose the best shark vacuum. From that, you will take a shark vacuum for your house. Moreover, from this article, we hope you can choose the best suitable shark vacuum for your family.

The Features Of Shark Vacuum

A shark vacuum is always go along with big dust bag. It connects to the handheld. And it is used popularly in every family. When not using, you can removable dust container, nozzle and bellows to easily store ratings.

The engine capacity of the vacuum cleaner is calculated as the product between the air flow drawn into the dust-collecting chamber (m3 / min, or l / s, m3 / h …) with the suction pressure in the cavity (mm water column, mm / H20 or mbar …), while the maximum air flow, the suction pressure to minimum and vice versa. This power does not represent the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner; higher capacity machines consume as much power.

New suction capacity is only shown the ability to suction.

With a vacuum cleaner for domestic use, can be quickly sucked the entire room, so choose a plant with a capacity of about 300W or more suction.

In addition, if you need to use the vacuum cleaner for furniture, mattresses car, pillows, computer … you should choose a portable vacuum cleaner, usually smaller capacity, about 100-250W is appropriate.

Capacity Of Dust Chamber

Handheld vacuum cleaners usually have a capacity of less than 0,8L chamber, if required; the 0.5 l cleaning medium is suitable.

The machine has a capacity greater than 1L often and has many functions, suitable for cleaning the dust several locations.

And the family vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 1-2L.

The Criteria To Choose Shark Vacuum

When buying a shark vacuum, you should pay attention to some features and then buy the best one. The power of shark vacuum is the most important thing you must know and consider. If your shark vacuum is good, you will not have some problems when in the process of using. On the other hand, you will usually fix it and have many problems during using it.

And the capacity of shark vacuum is also consider. It is not only capable to consumption dust and with the high power machine, it will higher capacity. It is about 500W for a shark vacuum.

Should Buy A Machine With Indicator Light Dust

When you use shark vacuum to clean your house, dusts will be accumulates into a bag behind this machine. Therefore, after using, you should clean the dust bag of machine not to harm to this machine. When this bag is ruined, you also can replace.

Dust Bags

The dust bags can make of many materials. It can be cloth. With this material, it is detachable and it is easy to wash. Anyway, it help savings. So you should choose a dust bags with high quality not to change many times. It affect to your machine.

Note The Weight And Noise Level Of The Machine

When you choose a machine to clean your house, you should choose one that has bags to collect dust in this bag. On the other hand, you need to have some notes when choosing and buying a shark vacuum.

Usually these types of machine noise level fluctuates within 40dB – 60dB.

For a shark vacuum, the work of cleaning your house effectively. And so you can save time when cleaning your house. You do not need to waste much time to do other things.


The shark vacuum is one of the utensils that many women like nowadays. It help reduce significantly the time in cleaning your house every day. However, on the market, there are many kind of shark vacuum that makes you hesitate. You can read the instruction of somebody and then buy one.