The type of wood to make furniture

Vocational profession has much wood is plentiful. The carpenter’s tools as listed more, particularly about the types of saws, we count also briefly untold: Saw parasols, saws, hand saws, band saws, and band saw Reviews … and the same tools, wood to make furniture such as abundant supplies of wood craft. We will show you the most basic type of wood to make furniture.

– Wood ash: the common wood line, and so almost similar to oak Russia, points less warping, little eyes … very suitable for your play wood kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, living room furniture. Especially because it is common to relatively cheap when you choose furniture for family play

– Teak wood: wood line is common but high cost, warping ratio, the higher the line cracked another timber. You should consult before making furniture for family play offline, because usually cost a reported high number of units and some are quite low. In fact, producers often fool consumers they often discount outdated able to get a job by then-barrel wood cabinets they just trash, such as plum, oval cut out alone … Expensive pieces of my friends

– American oak (Red Oak): It is a wood line is widely favored. By virtue of its high hardness of the wood, warping cracking rate low … but the downside is many eyes. The cost is higher than Ash, but much cheaper than Teak wood… so beautiful also. If wood is used to close the wooden kitchen cabinets and furniture for the family is also quite good.

– Walnut Wood: A rare type of wood than the above line, the most expensive price. Just as American oak its advantages is very hard wood, bending fracture rates low … But the downside is more garbage, more eyes. Walnut wood is used exclusively for the elite families because its value is too high to make furniture for the family.

– Industrial Wood: MDF, MFC, Laminate, Acrylic, Veneer, plastic Picomac …. as the lines are used in common.

– Wood HDF: HDF panels usually have 2.000mm x 2,400mm size, thickness from 6mm – 24mm depending on the requirements.

Diversity of color by painting over 40 categories can color on wood background

Restrictions warping, no cracks, high rigidity

Wood MDF: There are 2 types of moisture (blue) and no moisture (gray timber). This item is currently used by many vendors pretty much cheaper than HDF, particularly for goods as many units as quotes do cupboard MDF HDF but do not fool customers know.

– Wood MFC: There are two lines of moisture (green core) and no moisture.

This field is used to play games cupboard is stable (when using moisture flow). But note that only suitable for kitchen cabinets of apartments, townhouses and if it should not.

You can also use to make the bedroom furniture, living room furniture … by multi-color wood line will get you one more modern space, which costs cheaper.

– Wood Laminate (surface against scratches and light fire), acrylic (glossy surface that is easy to scratch): as well as the standard line with best level, most colorful.

You note: Acrylic Laminate and just superficially, it is thick about 1 cup only. When construction workers would dare bring it up on wood surfaces Ocal, HDF, MDF thick 9,15,17,18 for example, to make a mold board you use to assemble products. But it is not a board as MFC that much you still think you ‘. So in addition to choosing the surface for kitchen cabinets is the core Lamiante or Acrylic is the most important to the most affected is the durability of the cabinet inner core: use Ocal, HDF, MDF. And why have prices much lower unit or cheap alarm is that the core that out loud. Note to avoid being mistakenly billed for goods lost.

– Wood Veneer: Like the Acrylic Laminate and just material, but here it is natural wood sliced ​​into different thickness, the thickest is still the best guarantee Heat 3 cups.

Still must rely on the inner core: Ocal, MDF, HDF, natural wood reinforcing bar coupling to form thick planks as required.

It is the best substitute material for natural wood line if the family encountered financial problems, want anti-termite, anti-warping, cracking and preserve the wood color by color, the favorite wood line, this is the most suitable choice.

Hopefully our shared will help you understand something about the type of wood, giving yourself be most wise decision when choosing wood kitchen cabinets closed.