What Are Top Furniture Buying Mistakes To Avoid?


An ugly piece of furniture and one that is way oversize can stick out like a sore thumb in a room. There are many factors to consider in buying furniture; people obviously do not want to spend a lot of money but they have to end up with something that is not as comfortable or functional as they hope. Yet, they still make so many buying mistakes, regardless of gender and social status. For example: People who look for comfort and medical benefits in catnapper recliners may become very disappointed with their catnapper recliner if they forget to test for fit factor at the store or measure their room space in advance.  Avoid the mistakes below so that you become more prepared in shopping for furniture:

Do Not Measure The Available Space In Advance

There is nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture that cannot even go pass your doorstep or get in the elevator. And what about a table or recliner that is too small or too big compared to the room size and existing stuff? The solution is simple: measure your room before going to the furniture store.

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Not Paying Enough Attention To The Room Style, Color And Decor

At the furniture store, everything is displayed so well and looks so perfect. Yet, it can be a different story when you bring the furniture home: the piece looks so out of place with the existing interior décor. You should know what you look for before buying and do not be fooled by the beautiful display.

Forget About Children And Pet

You think only you, your family, and your guests will use your newly-bought white sofa? Wait, what if your pets like the sofa even more than you? If you have kids, be prepared to have stains on the upholstery. Take them into account and choose the right color, finish, and upholstery materials for your furniture.

Skip Testing Furniture Before Buying

Comfort is a personal issue: what works for others may not work for you. What if the recliner does not provide enough back support and headrest like you wish for? What if it does not really fit with your body size? Unless you order a piece online, when you go to a furniture store, you should test your furniture before buying. Try opening and closing the drawer several times to see it everything function. Touch the finish and feel the fabric with your hand. Sit on the sofa: the sales person will let you do it for sure.

Buying On Impulse:

This mistake can happen for anyone, young or old. You may end up with things you do not even need or those do not fit well into your room. Furniture cost is not cheap so it is best to plan before you buy.

Not Asking For Assistance

Sure, salespeople aim to sell as more pieces as possible but they can also give you good advices and tips. In the end, you are the one who decides whether to buy their suggested pieces: so do not do not give in when they “pressure” to buy something you do not like but also do not skip the chance to learn from their expertise.

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Overpay For Your Furniture

An ottoman is quite affordable but items like sofas and recliners can cause a considerable dent in your wallet. So why not look for discounts in special occasions or ask the store if you can get discounts for buying several pieces at once?

Not Checking The Price Of Similar Products

Before you spend several thousand dollars for your sofa, how about browsing the internet to check on the average cost first? You may set your eyes on products of Brand A but if similar products from Brand B are cheaper and have better warranty offer, why don’t you reconsider? If you do not know the average market price range, you may pay too much for your furniture.

Pay Attention To Price More Than Quality

High quality furniture lasts for a very long time, especially with proper care. Certain pieces can even be passed to the next generation. Sure, you need to compromise quality when you are short on cash but how about pay just a little more for a piece of better quality which can last for 1-2 years more? It does not make sense when you expect that your cheap sofa with vinyl cover to retain its good look and be durable for a long time.

This guest post is written by Jasmin who is a furniture designer and a home advisor who has a special interest with house interior and house architecture. He loves to make houses to be beautiful.